Light Up the Night With A DIY A Solar Night Light

Light up the night with a DIY solar night light.

What small child hasn’t gone through that phase? This is a great project you can do with your kids and turn those fears into fun. By creating night lights, fairy jars, or even a memory jar that lights up at night. This project comes as a kit and contains everything you need  to make a fairy  light.


Peel star moon and cloud stickers and place them on the jar. Using a paint dauber paint over the jar covering the sticker shapes. Let the jar dry and peel off the stickers.  I found it easier to remove them  with tweezers.

The best part is it’s solar powered so can be used as a great learning tool for your kids. Just place it in the window and during the day the solar lid charges and at night when the sun goes down the fairy in the jar will light up the night.

But don’t stop here. Create great patio lights by covering the jars with torn tissue and apply them with Mod Podge. I love these because they are maintenance free. During the day the solar panel recharges and they automatically light up your patio in the evening.

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