Let’s Create Coastal Mirrors

Let’s create Coastal Mirrors. You’ve spend hours collecting shells, after that great trip to the beach, now what do you do with them? Creating a coastal mirror together is a great way to display your memory and enjoy a great family activity.

Things you’ll need: Up-cycled wood  or an old mirror or you can purchase a wood shape (This was a piece I purchased at Micheal’s), painters tape, shells, hot glue, white spray paint, white latex paint, rope. mirror and a painters cloth or piece of plastic so you won’t get too messy.

Using painters tape, cover the mirror.  I trim it down about 1.5 inches from the edge . Hot glue the mirror to the wood base.

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Now let’s have some fun. Using rope, make a monkeys fist knot leaving two tails. Spread all of your finds out on your painters cloth. I like to add in old corks, fish netting,  pieces of wood, rope knot, and even sea glass if you happen to find it. Spray generously with white spray paint.  Allow to dry completely. Now just start gluing. Starting with your rope hanger. Glue to the wood base. Now start layering the pieces. Using a variety of sizes and shapes will produce the best result. Add small shells in last to fill the holes.

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