Let’s Make this DIY Take Along Doll House

Let’s make this DIY take along doll house. I just finished working on a program that contains a kit that turns an ordinary wooden box into a doll house that you can take with you anywhere.What a great way to entertain but at the same time spark the imagination.The greatest part is, that it’s a make and play activity.When I was a little girl, I  played for hours with my dollhouse, and it brings back such great memories.  I purchased it as a kit that comes complete with everything you need. After you have painted the box with a water wash of 1/4 cup of water and 1 paint color.

IMG_0325IMG_0337 (1)IMG_0343

Self adhesive wall paper is provided and stencils for each room. Just daub paint onto the stencils.

Remove them while they are slightly wet and the stencils will peel off a little more easily.


The dolls are adorable. Using a marker, draw the faces and add tape cloths, and wild yarn hair.


Make sure and clean off your stencils and brushes. They are reusable.


Now you that you have this down you may want to make your own out of cigar boxes and up-cycled things from around the house. It was a long day and my little wooden people were safe in their new home. It was complete and  everything was put away. But during the night someone must have called the doll house decorator.

When I woke up every room had been transformed. Fabric curtains, table chairs, even photos on the wall.


I Love the idea of giving this as a birthday gift, or what a great way to spend time with grand kids. This is a project that you and your kids will treasure. 

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