Let’s Paint Upholstered Furniture DIY

Transforming old upholstered  furniture has never been easier. Try my paint formula and create a completely different look.

Who says you can’t paint upholstered furniture. Let me show you how.

Start with an old piece that’s in good condition but you just can’t look at a dated print. Paint upholstered furniture one time and you may not be able to stop. This is really fun.


To paint upholstered furniture start with an old chair

It is so easy and produces such a great result. We have this fabulous old Ethan Allen Chair that’s over 30 years old. It’s in mint condition but the only problem is it’s blue with country flower print throughout. I just couldn’t bare to throw it out. The only problem is that I just don’t want to take the time or spend a fortune to recover it. I found the perfect paint recipe and this really works.

paint for uholstry

Paint formula

Recipe: 1 part water, 1 part fabric medium , 1 part latex paint . Other things you need:  Spray bottle filled with water,  paint brush  ( For larger peices increase your brush size for easier coverage) Paint tray, sandpaper.

Mix your 3 part recipe thoroughly. It’s important to use latex paint or the result will not be what you expected I love the new decorator colors I bought at Lowes . Next step is to prep your wood. Cover all exposed areas of wood with painters tape and lay a drop cloth down to protect the floor. Using the spray bottle of water, thoroughly spray all of the exposed areas of fabric. This helps the paint absorb into the fabric and prevents streaks from occurring.

chair legs

Tape wood on upholstered chair

Now your ready to paint. Be patient this is going to take more than one coat depending on the depth of color your looking for and particularly when your trying to cover a  print.  Allow each coat to dry in between. Before your final coat use a sand paper sheet or block and gently sand the surface. This will make your fabric a little softer and more comfortable to sit on.  Apply your final coat. After it dries, you may want to sand again slightly again.


First paint coat on upholstered furniture

I love to take a contrasting color and paint and stencil old pillows. Use the contrast color to paint the pillow and stencil with the chair color.



Paint stencil patterns to painted pillows


Add stencil patterns to accent pillos


The result is remarkable. You really have to try this.

main photo

Before and after painted upholstered chairs.

painted upholstery

Finished painted upholstery

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