P.A.C.E. Girls Give Beyond

The PACE girls give beyond. I have had the privilege of being involved with this life-enhancing program for five years by volunteering to teach creativity classes. It has been so exciting to watch as these young women learn to Create Beyond The Lines. Many of the projects they make to give away as a part of their community service. P.A.C.E. girls Give Beyond in a variety of community service activities throughout the year. The girls participated in a project for patients at Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida.


Darice  is a craft supplier in Cleveland and they donated an assortment of sample puppet parts from Sock Friends™ Puppet Kits, which is a line of product I was a part of designing. What would typically get pushed aside as reject samples from product development, we were able to turn into the liveliest puppets I’ve ever seen.

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Almost 50 P.A.C.E. girls got together for one hour to create as many sock puppets as they could. The girls very quickly came to the conclusion that they could work better in teams of two, to create these adorable sock puppets. The results were so fabulous that the girls wanted to keep crafting! Each girl ended up filling a bag with additional sock puppet kits that they could create at home. After crafting, the girls were rewarded by getting to see the smiling faces of the children in the hospital upon receiving their finished puppets. What a perfect example of Giving Beyond as these young women were giving from the resources that were given to them.


Fox 4 Morning Blend Decorating On A Dime

There are so many organizations that need your help. Find a passion and plug in. Get involved and make a difference.


Learn more about PACE by visiting their website:

PACE Center For Girls Lee County


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