Let’s Create DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

Needing new ideas for the holiday? Create your own DIY Christmas wrapping paper.

This is a great family activity that gives everyone an opportunity to show their creativity. Make your own Christmas wrapping paper.

Let’s Create DIY Christmas wrapping paper. There is nothing better than seeing the tree during the holidays, decorated with all the beautiful packages, wrapped with ribbons and bows beneath. Here is a really fun way to get all of the gifts wrapped,and create a night of fun for your family.  Wrap all your gifts in brown paper and have everyone join in the fun.


Christmas wrapping paper supplies

My favorite is the reindeer. Try making an entire herd for under the tree, and wrap one Santa package who is leading the heard.


Reindeer face Christmas wrapping

Cut ears out of brown paper cut a small slit and overlap at the bottom. Cut antlers of darker brown construction paper and apply both to the package  with double stick tape. Use white construction paper. Prepare all of the components ahead of time and the decorating will be so easy and fun for everyone.  Glue on the face parts and add eyes and mouth with a black marker. These are adorable!

wrapping paper template

Patterns for reindeer Christmas wrapping

A really fun way to decorate is by creating different faces or expressions and name them. Wrap all the presents for each child  in brown paper and decorate them with one character. Then on Christmas morning it is really fun for them to locate their character and stash of gifts. Don’t stop here. Make DIY wrapping paper year round that adds a special touch to any gift you give. Keep a roll of brown paper or brown gift bags in the house and you will be able to create great gift wrap all year long.  The savings are really incredible.

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