DIY Painted Floor Cloths

Create fabulous DIY painted floor cloths with canvas fabric.

Art work doesn’t necessarily have to stay on the wall. DIY painted floor cloths allow you to showcase your talent on the floor and brings¬†color into your room.

DIY painted floor cloths are an incredible way to bring color and artistic touches to your home, or apartment. ¬†This DIY is fun, easy and a very inexpensive way to cover your floors. It’s amazing to me that a simple piece of canvas cloth can become something so beautiful. The pieces below are from students at my class this week.

painted floor cloths

Meagan Gerschick floor cloth

painted floor cloths

Kathy Felzer floor cloth


painted floor cloth

Students work

painted floor cloths

Judy Cutler floor cloth


painted floor cloths

painted floor cloths

Students work

Let’s get started. There are a few things you will need. I purchased my fabric at Joann’s and the best results come from heavy weight canvas. There are some tutorials out there that instruct you to do these with painters cloths, but the canvas is very thin and you will compromise the quality of your work. Painters cloths work if you need to cover a very large surface and don’t mind a rustic look. Here are the things you need to gather before you start.

Things you need


I like to pre- wash my canvas because the fabric does shrink and the surface will be bubbly if you don’t. I remove it from the dryer before it is completely dry. It will look really wrinkled but just iron it with steam and it will lay flat.


pre shrunk canvas for floor cloths

Trim the canvas down to your finished size but add 1 inch extra all the way around. Sewing is the best way to finish the edges of your mat but you can use a fabric glue. Turn the edges over and press. Stitch or glue, and your ready to start.

Lay your mat on a covered surface and using a paint brush apply a generous amount of latex paint to the canvas. Allow to dry completely. Once again I like to iron from the back side to keep the mat as flat as possible before I begin to paint. There are so many ways to apply design to your mat. Pulling images from online will help you decide the design style you like the best. I also begin with the end in mind. I want my mat to be functional so I pull paint colors that match my decor colors. Free form abstracts are the most fun, but simple one color mats with a stencil overlay are fabulous too.

Apply a generous layer of base coat on the mat. There are no mistakes and often the best result comes in ways we didn’t plan. The mat below started with a base coral color and we tried a stencil and decided it was all wrong. Simply apply more base coat over the top and use brush strokes across you mat, over the stencil and the colors will bleed a little. This add a little depth to the base. Apply a new stencil design and your done. These are two versions with the same size mat and stencil but with different colors, created by two different students.


flower stencil on floor cloths

painted floor cloths

Flower Stencil floor cloths


If you really want to get crazy finger paint. This is my daughters version, created by layering a base coat with a brush and the rest well….. Her fingers were different shades of green for work the next day. Or another abstract without a plan. They are amazing and beautiful.

floor cloths

Finger paint floor cloths

floor cloths

Free hand painting


Let your works of art dry completely. Now we want to seal them. This step makes them water resistant and ready to use both in or out doors. It also protects the mat from spills.

Pour about 1 cup of olive oil, and 1 cup of bees wax pellets or chunks into a microwavable dish. Heat till all the wax is dissolved. Apply with a sponge brush. It will harden as you apply but don’t be concerned. Reheat your wax mixture as needed and continue. You will see spots of wax sitting on top of the fabric.

floor cloths

Adding wax to floor cloths

floor cloth wax

Wax on floor cloths appears foggy


Using a hair dryer on hottest setting, heat small sections of the mat and the wax will absorb. Using a rag rub it in as you go. Once finished your mat will lay much more flat and will take on a deeper looking color.

floor cloths

Apply heat to wax to floor cloths

floor cloths

Remove excess wax from floor cloths


These mats are designed to be cleaned with a mop or damp sponge. They are water resistant and will wipe clean.

floor cloths

Water resistant floor cloths

These mats are works of art and optional uses include using them as wall art. Hang them with clamp curtain hooks and a small rod and you now have a tapestry. Cut other shapes and create table runners, place mats, or cut them to size and spay mount over old artwork to save a great frame. Most of all just have fun creating.

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