Let’s Turn Tires Into Tables

Create tires from tables for your home.

Use recycled tires and make home decor pieces that impress.

Whoever thought you could turn tires into tables. This is a great project and can be fun to do with the family and at the same time teach them about re cycling.


Finished tire table

I love the idea of re purposing discarded items and tires are one of my favorites. Due to the durability they are very hard for nature to absorb and yet create a great base for creating furniture.  I’ve seen so many out there but they just didn’t look as professional as I like so I found some new ways to construct them and it looks like Pottery Barn.

Most tire stores will be happy to send you home with tires ready to be discarded. Just make sure you get two the same size and no blow outs. I like the ones that fit a 20 inch rim. But don’t limit your size you can even cover tractor tires.

You need to start with 2 wooden bases. One for the bottom and one for the top. Plywood can be cut to fit but I used old decorator table tops  I found at a thrift store. ( you may remember the kind we used to use about 20 years ago that have the screw in legs) Attach to the tire by screwing in 2 inch screws.  For the base, I used fence post tops. Drill holes for the legs to screw into and add a little power grab by Lock Tight,  to make sure they stay in place.

drill table top to tire

22 inch round table top

table legs

Add legs with caulk

Add remaining  legs to the bottom base and attach to the bottom of the tire with screws.

table legs

fence post lets

adding table base

Screw table top to tire

Now your ready to add the rope. Most of the time I see these done with a more rustic natural rope, but to achieve a much more elegant look uses a cotton based rope covered in polyester. It has a very smooth and shiny surface. The rope is the most expensive part and you need about 250 ft. to cover. Buy your rope on a bulk spool. It comes in great trendy colors if you want to kick it up a notch.

Find the center of your wooden top and mark. Using quick grip, add a small circle  to the wood and begin to coil. Most of the tutorials out there use hot glue to attach the rope, but this is a much better adhesive. It holds but doesn’t dry immediately so you can gently move it and create a tight coil.  If you are using a packaged rope you may have to piece it together. Trim out the center of the end of the rope so it becomes thinner. It will start to fray so you can burn the tips with a lighter ( on polyester rope only) Overlap the new piece and continue to coil.

rope table coil

Starting rope coil

rope table

Finish and adding additional rope

Continue to wrap rope around about half way down the side of the tire. Flip it over and continue to the bottom. Coil until you reach the edge of the wood.  Stain or paint the legs or paint the entire piece.

table bottom

Finishing rope table


Finished Table bottom


For additional looks you can screw two tires together to create a dining table base that you can cover with glass. For a larger table use a tractor tire.  For more decorative designs, paint the table top a solid color before you attach it to the tire and coil assorted sizes of rope discs, and attach them to the top. The color will show through the spaces. This is roughly a 4 hour project that anyone can do. Get creative and Create Beyond The Lines.



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