Sequin Tape DIY Will Transform Your Accessories

Transforming your accessories with Sequin Tape is an easy way to create a dramatic look on old accessories.

Up cycle purses shoes and jewelry using sequin tape.

Throwing out old jewelry and accessories is just not acceptable in my book. Up-cycle, re purpose, recycle, these words are always on my mind so why not for old accessories.  I developed a line of sequin tape that has been primarily used for crafting, but why not add it to things in your closet that were on their way out the door. Bring a little glitz and glam to any occasion with this Sequin Tape DIY.

sequin tape

Old accessories transformed with sequin tape

sequin tape

Fished accessories transformed with sequin tape.


The transformation is so easy and this is the before and after. It’s a peel and stick tape so you lay the tape over your accessories measure and trim. Add double layers or cut in down to thin strips. Sequin Tape is available at craft stores but just in case you can’t find it, you can DIY your own. Start with heavy duty double stick tape and large chunky  and fine glitter. I used Hercules tape which comes in very fine strips or sheets for larger surfaces or 3M makes a really heavy double sided tape. Lay your tape on a piece of paper so you can recover the excess glitter and use it again. Peel off the top layer and sprinkle with large glitter flakes. Apply light pressure to make sure that they are adhering well. Shake off the loose particles and add a layer of fine glitter, which will fill in any small remaining holes.

sequin tape

Sequin tape, glitter and Hercules tape


Large chunky glitter


Turn over your tape and make patterns to fit the accessory you are adding to. Trim and peel off the back. Add pressure to make sure your accent is secure. Transformation complete and you spent under $10.00.

sequin tape

Finished accessories with sequin taped

For more watch my segment on Fox 4 Morning Blend. Decorating on a Dime


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