Let’s DIY interchangeable Jewelry

Making your own jewelry has become so easy!

Make this interchangeable jewelry and streamline the amount of jewelry you really need.

Move over Charming Charlies, I just wont buy one more piece of jewelry. My organizer is full and somehow I never seem to have just the right piece in the right color. Can’t I have jewelry that can be interchangeable. But of course.

Making jewelry doesn’t have to be difficult all you need to know how to do are three simple steps and voila, you are a designer.  1) closing a jump ring, 2) using head pins 3) attaching lobster claws. Using these steps we will be making charm clip on pieces that will allow you to change and redesign your finished jewelry.

It all starts with  a chain about 30 inches long. Feed the end of the chain onto a jump ring and then add long loops of chain to the loop. This will become the tassel at the end so you can add loops until it is as full as you like it. Clip the ends of the loops to make a tassel.



Adding chain to jump rings

Cutting jewelry chain

Cutting Chain for jewlery


For your earrings, simply thread loops of chain onto earring wires. Open up the bottom loop and let the chain fall into the looped area. Add one jump ring with the chain and using pliers close the loop.

Adding chain to earrings

Making chain earrings

chain jewelry set

Making chain jewelry


All you really need is one set in gold and one in silver. The two sets will allow you to create many combinations.  The interesting thing about these sets are that there are no closures. They are worn by looping one end through the other. ( Like the first step of tying a knot)

chain jewelry

Gold chain jewelry set

chain jewelry

Silver chain jewelry set


Here comes the fun part. Let’s make charms.  Using a headpin, slide a bead onto the pin. The wire for any charm needs to be long enough to curl it around into a loop, so clip any excess wire off leaving 1/4 – 1/2 inch longer than the bead. Using a pair of needle nose pliers bend the top part of the headpin around to form a loop. Feed the loop onto a jump ring, and add the lobster claw. Close the jump ring and you now have a charm that can be added to your chain necklace.



There are so many fun combinations. You can add several beads, chain, old jewelry parts, or even shells to your charms. Combine them together and create a work of art. If you have chains and necklaces you already love,  just make the charms and you have an update to all your existing jewelry.

add on to jewelry

interchangable jewelry

gold chain jewelry

Interchangeable jewelry


jade add on for jewlery

interchangeable jewelry

add on to jewelry

interchangeable earrings


Add on to jewelry

Semi precious stone

interchangeable jewelry

Silver add on for jewelry

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