DIY Valentine Gift For The Man In Your Life

What Valentine do I give the man in my life.

Give him a Valentine gift that shows your love and affection on the front of a beer bottle.

How do you find a great DIY  Valentine gift for the man in your life? This has always been a challenge not only for Valentines Day but for other holidays. Even though men want to feel the love on these special days, opening a mushy present in a crowd can sometimes generate an unexpected  reaction. Forget the Candy, forget the cards, this is a gift every guy will love. Personalize your messages of love with hand crafted beer labels.


Now you can purchase your craft beer in assortments at most liqueur stores. They provide a carton and you fill it with any 6 craft beers that you may want to try, so gather together a stout, lager, cider, ale…. scrap paper, stickers, some puffy paint tubes and a glue stick. I wanted them to have a very masculine appearance so I created mine on masculine scrap paper, available at Micheal’s. They had so many great choices. Wood, denim, camouflage, rocks and even grass.  But don’t limit yourself, many of us women are beer drinkers as well, so catchy labels for the girls make great gifts too.  Try these phrases Stout for the girl with clout, logger for my favorite jogger, Be-cider through thick and thin, Ale ale let’s find a sale, I love you berry much.

You can use a variety of materials. Use things you have around the house.  Paper, stickers, paint, paper punches, then add in some special things you pick up at the craft store for valentines day.


making custom beer labels

computer generated beer labels

I created the phrases for mine on my computer, but you can hand write them for a more personal effect. There is no formula just layer them up. This takes less than 30 minutes to make this incredibly thoughtful gift. Don’t throw them away, they make great bar decor.

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