Let’s make a Valentines Superhero

Being a Valentines Super Hero is easy. Make this great Costume in 30 minutes.

Turn this special day into a more meaningful holiday, with Valentines Super Hero kids giving positive messages to all their friends.


Valentines Day for kids is usually about candy, cards,and school parties. What’s especially a challenge is how to get the boys engaged in all the sweet lovy dovyness. This is really a fun way to put some meaning back into this day. What kid doesn’t like to dress up and be a Valentines super hero.

super hero

Valentines Super hero costume

This project is easy, under $5 and will give your kids an opportunity to show love and pay it forward to friends, family and neighbors.  With a quick trip to the dollar store pick up one blue or pink table cloth, two pieces of felt ( or up cycle old fabric from home) some glue and note cards.

Using the downloaded patterns, cut out glasses, belt and cape icon from felt.  Cut a piece of plastic table cloth approximately 36 x 20 inches. This will be your cape. Round the bottom edge on both sides.Fold over the top edge and cut slits in the plastic. Cut two  strips 2 yds x 4 inches these will be your cape tie and belt tie.

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Using one piece of your tie, tape the end to a straw. This makes a really easy needle to thread through the slits in the cape. Thread your cape tie through the holes and glue on your circle and heart icon. Now using the remaining strip, thread through the two holes of the belt icon. For glasses tie cut two strips 4 inches by 16 inches. Thread them through the slits on the glasses and glue  Add stickers or just cut more hearts or a monogram from the remaining felt and add to the costume.


Click here to download glasses

Click here to download belt

Cut some card stock into pieces about 2 x 4 inches. Fold in half, you will use these to make your cards. Download some cute images and print them out. These can be glued to the front of the cards.

card icons

The best part is helping your kids create acts of love and words of kindness that can be written on the inside and given to those they love. Let them dress up and deliver their super messages.


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