Let’s Make Soy Candles

Never buy candles again. Soy Candles burn without toxins, are cost effective and easy to make.

Use your own containers and create soy candles that blend with your home decor.

There’s nothing better than walking into a room illuminated with scented candles, but not all candles are alike. Did you know that  Soy candles burn 50 % longer or more, burn cleaner without putting CO2 into the air. They are non toxic and the scents suspended differently and as a result are stronger.They are definitely more expensive so here is a great way to make your own.

Things you need for the containers: Glass containers ( can be old candle containers, home decor containers, jars) tissue paper, scissors, Mod Podge, sponge daubers.


Things you need for candles: Soy wax flakes, glass bowl, glass measuring cup, wicks, metal candle grommets, candle scent or essential oil, stick for stirring, scissors, pliers

When using containers you already have, the rule is the container just needs a wide enough opening so it can be lit.

2 4
Cover the containers with tissue and mod podge. These make great gifts. You can add special messages to your design, or pour into an existing container.

6 7
Prep your wick by measuring about 4 inches longer than the height of your container.  Add the metal grommet to the end and squeeze the tubular section until the wick is secure.

8 9

Melt your soy wax chips in the glass bowl. Melt slowly and never leave the wax unattended.  Add scent and pour into a glass measuring cup. This makes it easier to pour. Using the same scent in all my candles makes a wonderful consistent scent throughout my home.


Never waste your wax. Once the candle has burned really low, simply re melt your wax, add in the additional wax and scent that you need, add a new wick and you have a new candle. I love using containers that match my home decor colors, so there is no need for glass containers sitting in every room.

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