Let’s Make Sushi

 Entertain like a pro by making your own Sushi

Let’s make sushi, it can be really fun and you can look like a pro while entertaining. I know what your thinking. It seems difficult, expensive to get all the materials, and then trying to figure out how it’s done. Well, let me assure you this is much easier than you think. So let’s do it together.

First start with a rice cooker. This is the best investment I have made. I use Rice Select Sushi Rice, which is available at most supermarkets and turns out perfectly. Start by rinsing at least 3 times, or until it rinses clear.

Rice cooker  Washing sushi rice

If you really want to impress your guests,  make your own wasabi flowers. It’s available in a powder form, so just mix in a little water until you can form a ball with the paste. Press into a disc shape about 3/4 inch in size. Now using the tip of your knife, press small triangles around the outer edge. Then repeat several times making additional circles while moving inward to the center of the disc.  Serve in your soy sauce tray.

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For some quick prep tips, in preparing an avocado, first cut off the ends. Slice it down both sides.  Open and  tap your knife down into the seed and give it a little twist. This removes the seed without damaging the inside. With the skin still in tact, make a thin slice from the inside to the skin and gently remove with your knife. This prep method gives you very even slices without ever touching the fruit.

avacados  Cutting avacados  unnamed (10)


Add to your rice a mixture of 2 Tbsp. Rice Vinegar, 2 Tbsp. sugar and 1 Tbsp. Sesame oil.  Microwave for 30 seconds and mix together with rice.  Wrap a bamboo sushi mat with Glad Press and Seal wrap to protect it and keep the rice from sticking.  Were going to create an inside out roll. This is the harder style but once you have this down the regular ones will be easy.  Next sprinkle the mat roasted black Sesame seeds, and begin to spoon out the rice. The rice should be a little larger bigger on both of the long edges than the seaweed.

unnamed (13) unnamed (14)

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Now you can begin to add your filling. This one is a simple California roll, but you can create these with any ingredients you choose. Recipes I like will be provided later. Remember there are two ways of rolling. If you are doing a regular roll the rice goes on the top, like the pictures below, and an inside out roll starts with the rice first, and the seaweed on the inside. Add sliced avocado, cucumber and cooked crab.  When using raw fish make sure you purchase sushi grade salmon and tuna. Many groceries sell this but you may have to ask.


Now using your bamboo mat roll from the bottom up gradually. The purpose of the mat is to allow you to press everything together. Remember more is not better. If you fill them up too much, they will be difficult to roll, and will not stick together when you are finished rolling.  I love to garnish and plate with some accents to make a beautiful presentation. So add some  spicy mayo and caviar to make the slices pop. Then I like to add zucchini and carrot strands.

Our feature dish is a spicy tuna roll which is made with the inside out method. I fill with chopped tuna mixed with spicy mayo and cucumber slices. Roll and garnish with a slice of avocado, a drop of spicy mayo, and a small accent of black caviar.



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