Make A Valentines Gift For Her

Don’t you wish the man in your life could read your mind when it comes to gifting for Valentines Day?

What if they could give you the perfect Valentines gift that would go on giving all year.

Most of the men I know love to make you happy but they need a little help knowing what we really want. Here is a simple solution that will help him 52 weeks of the year.  This year tell him you want a jar, 52 pieces of paper and a pen. Sounds funny but this will become his favorite gift for you.

Write 52 wishes on the cards and insert them into the jar and he can pull from them anytime he wants to find something special he can do for you. A wish jar is really a great gift for anyone, you can adapt it for your kids, mom, friends, or anyone special to you. What could be better than being able to make someones wishes come true.

I wanted to do a fancier version, so this is my take on one for my daughter Meagan. Here are  a few things you will need. A jar, glue, Krylon Looking Glass spray paint, small note cards, jar, some type of embellishment ( Try using old jewelry)  and  pen.


Materials for a wishing jar

I started with an old candle jar and removed the wax. I glued the lid of the jar to an old glass candle stick with a great new glue I discovered. It’s like super glue, but so much better. You add the glue to the lid and position it, but it doesn’t set up until you apply a little UV light that comes on the end of the cap. Once applied it’s permanent.


Old candle jar


Laser Bond glue











Spray glass with mirror paint

making a wishing jar

Glue metal flower to glass












Once the cap has been glued to the candlestick, attach the jar and spray with spray paint. This paint is fabulous. It turns your jar  into a mercury glass finish, and hides the rubber rim of the candle lid. Using the permanent glue, attach your accent and wrap it up with note cards and a pen. It’s beautiful and can be left out as a home decor piece.


Make a Wishing Jar and make  her wishes come true!



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