PACE girls give beyond

The PACE girls make candles for residents of assisted living.

What a great way for the girls at PACE to give back to people in their community.

One of the highlights in my life is working with the PACE girls. They are such a wonderful mix of personalities, gifts, and character. This week we created candles, some of which would be donated to the residents of Hidden Oaks, assisted living facility.  This week over 20 participated in the event.


Candle making by the girls at PACE


This class is a part of a new program at PACE. It takes place after school, and is offered not only to the girls who currently attend PACE, but also to those who have transitioned out of the program. It gives those girls an opportunity to stay connected once they are no longer there on a daily basis. Alisha Good is the transition counselor and facilitates the program.


PACE transition Councellor


Each of the girls created beautiful glass candle holders using Mod Podge and torn tissue paper. Their creativity never ceases to amaze me. In the group there is always one or two that kick it up a notch.  One student laid tissue paper over an image she had pulled up on her cell phone. She traced the image in pen and then applied the image to her glass candle holder. It was not only beautiful but such a reflection of her personality and creativity.


Trace images on tissue paper and apply to glass candles.


Soy candles made by the girls at PACE



Like each one of the PACE girls, not one of the candles were alike. This was an opportunity for each girl to express themselves and create something beautiful in a safe environment.


Candles by the girls at PACE


I would encourage anyone who would like to be involved to volunteer to help with the program. Contact   tel:239-425-2366


Judy Cutler with the girls at PACE

Next Month: Fascinators, for the Grande Dames Tea. Just wait to see what they are doing next. I am always amazed by their creativity and talent.



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