Let’s Make Light Up Egg Fireflies

If you’re looking for a way to kick up your egg decorating this year, then let’s make light up egg fireflies.

Fireflies glow in the dark and creating them is a great family activity.

firefly light up eggs

This is such an easy project. If you’ve never seen a light up firefly easter egg, they are adorable and so easy to make. Here are the things you will need: Scissors, glue gun, ribbon, pony beads, chenille wires, LED tea light, plastic egg,  and a sharpie.

Start by inserting the LED candle into the egg. Remember when creating your fireflies, do not glue over the opening in the egg. You will need to open and shut the egg to turn it on. To make your firefly, take a piece of ribbon about 4x 1 inch. Fold in half lengthwise and then in half again by width. Cut at an angle through the ends from the open edge to the folded edge. This will make pointy wings for your little bugs. Apply with a low melt glue gun.

Led Candle eggs firefly egg wings Firefly easter egg wings

Apply small pony bead eyes, chenille legs and antennas. Add a funny face with a sharpie. There are so many options for plastic eggs. I used opaque and animal print on mine, but you can purchase polka dot, mirror finish and so much more.

Firefly easter egg eyesFirefly egg leggsFirefly egg antennasfirefly egg face

Put them in your kids Easter baskets or make them together. When the sun goes down, switch them on and hide them inside or outside the house. Your kids will have hours of fun finding these cute little fireflies. The LED candle lasts for about 8 hours so you can have hours of fun. My favorite activity is to hide the fireflies and sit on the porch and tell stories about the fireflies that live in the Garden. Any way you spin it, this is Easter eggs on steroids and guaranteed fun for all.

firefly easter eggsLight up firefly eggs








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