Baby crafting station

Let’s make it a girl baby shower

Let’s make it hot air balloons for a girl baby shower

These are simple DIY girl shower ideas that anyone can make.

I’m thinking pink  girl baby shower ideas, because i’m going to be a grandmother soon.  Decorating by color or theme can be so much fun. The mommy choice was hot air balloons and pink, so I knew this was going to be fun. First I found a really cute graphic image from online and used it to theme all the other things together.

Let’s start with mom. The mom needs a belly band. Something to make her stand out in the crowd. (other than the obvious)

Mommy to be belly band

Using two cardboard cut out discs, you can build your belly band. One serves as a foundation. Start with ribbons to tie around the mom. Make sure they are long enough. Add streamers and then add ribbon loops to disc one.   Pleat and hot glue ribbon ruffles on top of the loops, and finish with a cut out printed graphic center. Tie on little trinkets to the ribbon ends. This is adorable.

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Then a favor everyone will use. Using your graphic image create water bottle wraps and straw holders. I added her favorite bible verse.  At some point during the shower everyone will want a bottle of water.

Baby shower craft station  Baby socks

Then the fun really begins.  Create a crafting station. So many times I have been to showers and you don’t really know everyone. We set up an area where the newly arriving guests could step up to a cute table equipped with glue guns, socks, headbands, ribbons and bows and create  a personalized gift for the baby. We even supplied little cards to attach them to.

Baby girl cake pops

Although I would like to take the credit for these, it’s hard to do when your traveling to another state, but most bakeries are now making cake pops for showers. I was able to pick 4 flavors and assorted decorating colors. These were a huge hit, but make sure and plan for 3 per guest.

Whether  it’s a boy or girl, get creative at the next shower.  For a template used for printed  components download here.

baby shower printables


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