Mardi Gras decor with Puck Lights

Light up your Mardi Gras with Puck Lights

With puck lights you can light up any party decor

Perusing through Costco can be great for the food samples but like most everything I do I turn the experience into Creativity on steroids. I ran across Puck Lights for the first time and realized that they were for much more than lighting up dark areas in my house. I bought them to use on my patio with some hanging decor, so I could light up the patio by remote control

But the lights suddenly went on. They are definitely an addition to any party, and my next event was Mardi Gras. So let the fun begin.  I started with glass tubes and just added mylar shred. These make really fun accents on the bar, tables, or just scatter them to create some soft lighting. We have 20 tables to decorate so why not make them light up. For $.99 you can purchase clear or colored plastic containers at Party City. Place the puck light in the bottom, add some, mylar shred, and add repainted old christmas bulbs for color.  Top it off with a mask and beads and now you can light up the room.













Duplicate these steps in several different sized glass tubes and create a larger focal centerpiece. Go crazy it’s a party.

Lighted Mardi Gras Decor

But don’t stop there. Create a garland that you can hang over your entry way and top it off with a Mardi Gras sign and let the fun begin.


No Mardi Gras party would be complete without Bread Pudding so hold onto your party hat this is melt in your mouth and take another serving kind of good. Click the picture  for the recipe.

Bourbon Bread pudding recipe

Featured on Fox 4 Morning Blend Show

Decorating with Puck Lights for Mardi Gras

Don’t forget the best part about this great decor you’ve created, is that you can empty them out after the party and use them for Easter, filled with eggs, 4th of July, Harvest and also Christmas holiday decor.









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