Let’s Make Clocks Out Of PVC Pipe

PVC pipe is a great new medium for creating home decor

DIY clocks out of PVC pipe can add designer touches to your home

I consider the walls in my  home as a canvas, and the new medium of the day is PVC pipe. This was really a fun way of making an designer  clock  for my fireplace for under $25.00.  Most plumbing contractors have scrap PVC pipe that they are happy to have you remove, but if your not brave enough to go dumpster diving or ask for scraps, you can pick up the supplies and Home Depot and Hobby Lobby.
Things you need from the hardware store: 
4 pc. 4 inch PVC pipe cut into 1.25 inch rings, 3 pc 3 inch PVC pipe cut into 1.25 inch rings, 4 pc. 2 inch PVC cut into 1.25 inch rings. 3 PVC caps. PVC glue, clamps, sandpaper, white spray paint 
Things you need from the craft store: 
Clock hands, clock motor, wooden box to cover motor


Start by cutting PVC pipe into rings. A power saw is needed. Preferably one with a clamp to secure the pipe while cutting. Once the rings are cut sand the edges until smooth and drill a hole in the center of your large cap. This will house your motor. Add a coat of white paint to all your prepared parts and let dry. Next do a layout of the rings and clock and take a photo

To connect your rings, use PVC pipe glue and clamps. Allow to fully dry. There are so many ways to create your design, but I wanted to have a random pattern, so the construction is actually in several pieces, which are hung separately on the wall. Follow the package directions for setting your clock. Install and enjoy.

Don’t stop with PVC there, are so many great clock ideas that you can do for every room.



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