Let’s Make A Spring Wreath

Wreaths are a fun way to accent your decor

DIY your own wreath out of your home decor colors

Wreaths on the door are the first thing your guests see when they arrive at your home, but floraly grapevine flowers with cute little signs are just not my style. Make blend  your home decor colors is really easy  to do.  You only need a few supplies and about 30 minutes. Start with  felt, yarn, and a styrofoam ring. There are so many great colors of yarn and felt that are available. I purchased mine at Joann's.


Start by wrapping your styrofoam ring with yarn. For an easy shortcut, divide your yarn into 4 balls and wrap with 4 strands at a time. It will go much faster. When you reach the end of the ring, tie off and secure with glue. Now it's time to create your flowers and pompoms. Download the patterns. Cut and assemble flowers with hot glue. Step1: Starting at the center begin to wrap felt securing it with glue as you go. Step 2: Continue wrapping and gluing until a rose has formed.


Cut 2 pieces pom pom template out of cardboard. Step 1: Place templates on together. Wrap yarn through center hole and around outside. Continue until fully wrapped. Step 2: Separate the two discs and clip yarn all the way around template. Step 3: Make a tie out of yarn about 10 inches long and tie around the center. Step 4: Trim to make your pom pom totally round.


Glue the flowers and other accents on the yarn wrapped ring. Roses were my choice, but there are so many great felt flower templates online so be go ahead and go crazy spring is in the air.



Download here

Felt Roses

Pom Poms

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