Let’s make purses out of placemats

Placemats to purses, this DIY will get everyone’s attention

Make a placemat purse in less than 30 minutes

Making a purse out of a placemat, what? Yes even your local Bed Bath and Beyond can be a playground for design and DIY. There are placemats in plastic, fabric, wood fiber and even designer Kate Spade prints. What most people don't know is that the colors and prints that companies use to create home decor products every season are used in apparel as well. What this means for us is that you will find placemats that match your cloths.

Summer is just around the corner. Here's a simple tutorial for a fabulous beach bag. You'll need 7 round placemats. I like to mix it up with 4 of one color and there of another.  Start with a seam ripper and clip the stitches that connect the rows. If you get the right one it will unravel in minutes.  These strands will be used to create your handle.


Crotchet two colors together in a single strand until you have the desired length. You will need two so repeat to make your second handle.


For sturdy construction, sew 5 place mats together to create your bag. You can determine the shape by adjusting the place mat position. I pinned it all together first to make sure the design was what I wanted, then stitched by machine. Hand sewing will also work, but make sure to use heavy weight thread.

There are so many fabulous styles and designs that you can create using placemats for any occasion. By folding in unique ways and adding buttons, trims, and decorative accents you create a handbag with your own personal flair. The best part is when everyone comments on your new handbag and you simply say "I made it myself out of a placemat"


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