Let’s Make Photo Displays With Wall Pops Wallpaper

Create a backdrop for your photo groupings with Wall Pop wallpaper

Don’t discard your oversized frames, use them to display your family photos with Wall Pop wallpaper

Wall paper photo display

Wall Pop wall paper is my great new find. We all want to display our family photos, but as my family grows there are frames everywhere. I wanted to create a feature wall that had a grouping of all of our kids, that fit the decor of my home and that really make a statement.

Here is what you need:

  • Frames for photo (Coordinating frames for all your photos. They don’t have to match perfectly but may just share a similar trait, like frames of the same color, finish, size, etc… Distressed wood was the base of my  themed display)
  • Large frame which creates a border for your grouping. (If you’re repurposing an old frame make sure to remove the glass and discard)
  • Wallpaper ( I used Wall Pops by Brewster Home Fashions. You can purchase at Joann’s fabrics)
  • One inch double sided self adhesive foam blocks ( you will use these to create dimension when layering your frames)
  • Picture hooks
  •  Command strips

Start by creating a layout on the floor, by  positioning your large frame on the floor and place your frames inside t determine positions for each frame. Take a quick photo that will become your guide when installing on the wall. If your looking for an error proof method put a large piece of paper under the frame and outline your frames so you have an actual pattern from placement.

Postitioning photo frames

Using  picture hooks place the large frame on the wall. Trace around the inside of the frame, as this will be your guideline for applying your wallpaper.  Cut sheets of wallpaper to fit the space, making sure to line up the pattern as you go. Wall Pops is my favorite as it has a repositionable self adhesive, that is virtually mistake proof. If you aren’t lined up simply remove and reposition.

Wall Pops background wallpaper

Now the fun begins.  Use the pattern you created to mark placement of your frames, or use your photo to establish position. Hang frames starting at the back layer. I have one frame stacked on top of the others to create dimension, and center my main photo with the kids surrounding.  When placing your top layer frames, apply 4 foam sticky blocks  on the inside of your frame. Carefully place to avoid the area where the first layer frames touch. You will need to use a 2.5 inch hook bent outward to hang the upper layer photos. Hang the large frame and secure with command strips.

Add special accent elements to the grouping to enhance your theme. Since my home is all coastal I chose shell accents. These can be applied with command strips.

Wall pop photo display

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