Let’s make projects from melted plastic

 Making projects from melted plastic beads takes craft beads to a whole new level

Melted plastic beads turn into  bowls, jewelry and suncatchers, turn rainy days into fundays.

If you are looking for a Funday project to do with your kids or grandkids, try melted plastic beads. There are so many projects to make with a few beads and a little heat. Watch their little eyes light up when these tiny beads transform into something that they made themselves. 
For bowl making start with oven safe glass bowls in assorted sizes. Using cooking oil, coat the inside of each bowl generously. Remember the more cooking oil, the more your beads will adhere to the sides of the bowl) Add perler beads to the inside of the bowl starting at the bottom. Continue to add beads to the bottom of the bowl and pressing them gently in the center. The beads will begin to work their way up the edge of the bowl. 
Using your finger or silicone spatula, work the beads on the top edge into an even layer. Place glass bowls on a cookie sheet and melt in the oven at 400% for 8 - 10 minutes. Watch carefully as beads can over melt. 
Let cool and gently remove finished bowls from the glass bowl. Once you've mastered the bowls, don't stop there. Try making fun mobiles with perler beads and a little string. 
Using perler bad templates, create outline shapes. I make this makes placement much easier by picking the beads up with a bend paper clip. 

Lay parchment paper over the shape and iron to hold shape.  The next step is really fun. Place the shapes on a parchment covered cookie sheet or a silicone mat and then make some additional shapes freehand. With any extra beads, place them on the sheet along with your shapes they will turn into dots when melted and can be used to decorate your projects. Once melted, let cool. To add loops to the shapes place one Perler bead on the edge of shapes making sure the edges touch. Place back into the oven for 1 -3 minutes and the melted plastic beads will create a secure loop for threading string. Now arrange your shapes and create a mobile 
If you don't have the templates, the next option is for you. 

Thead Perler beads onto a string. Lay the string onto a parchment lined baking sheet or silicone mat. Using the string, make a shape that will become the base of your mobile. Tie a knot to hold the shape. Make sure all beads are touching so that when they melt you will have a solid shape. To make the hanging strings of your mobile, use the same process but allow some space between beads. When heated melted plastic and the string will fuse. Place in 400% oven for 3 - 5 minutes. Once removed I pressed on my beads to flatten. Now string together and create a free flowing mobile. 

Perler beads can be transformed into jewelry, hair ties and clips and so much more try these other fun versions, but once in a while sneak in a few for yourself. Have a funday. 

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