Hydroponic Micro Greens, the perfect gift

Give a perfect gift, of a hydroponic micro green growing kit.

Hydroponic micro greens will keep giving all year long.

Everyone has them. Those super healthy friends that you want to give something special to.  No regifting fruit cakes or boxes of candy, and Amazon gifting is not quite personal enough. This year  our family challenge was to give handmade gifts so why not something healthy. Hydroponic growth kits are perfect however most out there can get a little costly.  For growing in small places try micro green hydroponic jars. Creating this gift can be a family project, ask my son who was gifting someone special.

Here are a few things you may need to purchase if you don’t have them handy:

  1. Organic seeds ( this is a perfect way to grow  any herbs or micro greens but any seeds will work)
  2. Natural wool ( may be hard to find but any completely natural fabric that will absorb water will work)
  3. Natural clay ( I found this at the Micheals, but if you live where you can use a natural earth clay this is preferred)
  4. Organic potting soil
  5. Bottles ( they will need to be cut whether you are using plastic or glass or find water bottles that separate)

There are so many ways you can create these jars. Using plastic liter bottles, or cutting glass wine bottles, but for these I found some great water bottles at Old Time Pottery. They open at the top by screwing off the cap, and then can be opened again by twisting off the top of the bottle. Even though these are intended for another they make the perfect growth kit for hydroponics. Simply unscrew the cap and bottle top and tip it upside down.

This is another option out of wine bottles that have been cut. I made labels for them out of the inside of aluminum cans.

Hydroponic Growth Jars From Wine Bottles

Insert wool or an absorbant cotton fabric to create a wick. Push it down through the neck of the bottle leaving a few inches of wick that sticks out through the neck. Fill the bottom of the bottle with water, and insert the inverted bottle top into the bottle bottom. The wick will be under water and will allow the water to soak up through the bottle and into the seed pod. What seed pod? Well now this gets fun.

Make sure to make these a couple of days before two they have time to dry. Mix 1 part clay with 5 parts potting soil and 1 part water. Mix together well. Mix in 1 part seeds and form into 2 inch discs. Let them dry out in the sun or inside with a fan for a couple of days. Wrap in a natural paper.

Nest everything inside the bottles and make sure to label them and provide instructions, for the person you are gifting. This is guaranteed to bring a healthy smile.



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