Let’s go organic. DIY your own personal and household products

Create your own products and go organic

Organic cleaning and personal products are so easy to DIY

When reading all the health related articles that are published, common to most I keep reading about how our skin is the largest organ on our body and that our skin absorbs all the chemicals from the products that we use every day. So how do you avoid these free radicals that are in almost everything we purchase? Create your own organic skin care and home cleaning products.

The task seems a little daunting so I drilled it down to a few basic products and tried it as a gift giving project. Whether you are creating this products for yourself or others, the batches yield will last you all year. I have include the recipes with tips that will help.

Lotion: This one is my favorite and have been making this for 25 years. You will love this.

Organic Lotion

Toothpaste: My mother was ahead of her time. When we were kids she would give us a paste of peroxide and baking soda. None of us ever liked the taste, but the results were so good that I continued using this from time to time when I wanted to achieve a whiter smile.  Coconut oil in this recipe has been added to fight bacteria in the mouth and promote healing of gums. It may take a while to get used to the taste, but you will love the way it cleans, without all the extra chemicals.

Organic toothpaste


Ecco Wash laundry soap: This recipe as with all can vary in results. I add extra water once it has set up as it produces a very concentrated soap. This is fragrance free and as a result I missed the fresh scents that come from commercial soaps but I add essential oils to wool dryer balls and avoid any additional chemicals.

Ecco wash laundry soap

Organic Beard Oil : This is one of my favorites. It just happens that our family has adopted the growing trend of beard wearers. For all the women in the family you will really appreciate the softness that comes from using beard oil.

Organic Beard Oil

Soap: You will never go back to regular bar or liquid soap after you make your own organic soap. This too I have made for over 25 years and love to have extra bars handy to give as gifts. Years ago I used a  different method but now you can do this in a crock pot and the soap doesn’t have to sit for 2 weeks waiting to cure. The variations are endless. Add oatmeal, herbs, and combinations of essential oils to create your personal favorites.

Organic Soap

Next  time you reach to grab products at the store, think twice and  spend an afternoon making your own. Turn it into a family activity and don’t put those chemicals on your skin.

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