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Creating Products Of Purpose In Bolivia

Product created from up-cyled glass and aluminum has become Products Of Purpose. These products are changing the lives and futures of orphans worldwide.

Through sustainability programs for Refugio De Esperanza, we are teaching age appropriate orphans to think outside the box. As a result they are  learning  business skills and transforming  garbage into beautiful product. Because of this program, the orphanage is in the process of becoming self sustaining. The purpose is to create a new future for these children. These are the orphans we serve and the expressions on their faces are why we do what we do.

Once again I am making a trip to Santa Cruz, Bolivia where we will launch phase 2 of the sustainability program at Refugio De Esperanza. We are creating hope for their future by designing product from that which is discarded. By using up-cyled glass and aluminum cans, we are also teaching them respect for our environment.
The  orphanage  houses about 39 orphans from 4-18.  For these children this is home. Most are never adopted and will age out at the appropriate time, but this orphanage is far more to them. They are provided with a new model. One of healthy family atmosphere,  education, mentoring, and vocational training. All of these things are possible due to the efforts of Haven Of Hope International, and the passion and direction of executive director Alice Skaff. Through Haven Of Hope and the programs offered by this organization a hopeful future is emerging for orphans worldwide.
This year we launched a sustainability program with the goal of finding ways that the orphanage could make money. At the same time our goal was to teach the young adults about business, and becoming financially independent. We started by identifying the skill levels and resources that were available. From there developed a business model and products that could be produced.

Starting with discarded glass bottles, we purchased a cement mixer. After cleaning, and smashing the glass, it was polished and refined. Packaging was developed and we now have  packaged sea glass.

Package sea glass from Refugio De Esperanza


Part of selling is marketing and we have printed a brochure and sell sheet. The finished product is sold for home decor, landscaping, crafting, jewelry making and so much more. That which was discarded has become something so beautiful, much like what God does when he transforms our lives. In addition the workers are learning valuable work skills that will carry them into a new future.

Now the fun begins in phase 2 as we launch products made from the glass we have created. Our trip in April will include jewelry, home decor, accessories, card making. We will incorporate the use of aluminum cans which are cut and embossed to accents for our products. All of these items will be sold and the profits will help the orphanage to be self sustaining. Wages earned will be saved in accounts for the each one of the orphans. When they age out they will start with savings they will need. The funds saved will help them move on to vocational training or college.

These are the Products of Purpose. The orphanage has chosen to call them Products of Hope for their own branding and marketing. This truly is giving hope to children who once had nothing.  This is only part of Phase 2. 



  second part of phase 2 will also include training for those who are currently interested in baking. Cake decorating techniques will be taught and US trend will be shared with a look book. This book will stay with them to stimulate ideas for decorating and techniques.


Without much access to internet, it is difficult to communicate ideas. Because of these look books which are printed and shared, the workers and children have access to trend information and new techniques. In addition training books are being provided in Spanish, so that they can continue to explore and learn new techniques.

If you have ever wanted to go on a missions trip, don't wait for the right one to come along. Do it now. For the next missions trip to Bolivia, check out this link. Haven of Hope International missions trip.

Maybe your schedule won't allow the time or if you want to help but a mission trip is just not your thing. You can still be a very important part by helping to provide supplies needed for the sustainability program to continue. We have created an Amazon Wish List.

 Purchase supplies and ship them to:

9810 Leeward Court

Fort Myers, Fl 33919

All supplies purchased will go with us to Santa Cruz to start this new phase of our program.

Stay tuned as we begin our journey to launch small manufacturing here in Fort Myers to help our local community. The mission is not only for those in other countries who need this kind of help but right here in our own back yard. By helping those in need we create a new future.

Thank you for your support Create Beyond The Lines and the Products of Purpose we are creating. For more ideas check out the other home decor chandeliers, from glass bottles. 

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