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Creating Products Of Purpose

Products of Purpose prepares to launch in Fort Myers

Employing those with special circumstances to create Products Of Purpose

  I have always believed that the greatest joy in life, is watching others achieve their potential, and that's exactly what we will do at Products Of Purpose. By providing an work environment, where those with special circumstances can receive job training and employment opportunities, we are truly effecting our community and the lives of those we serve.  In preparation of the launch of this company, there has been an outpouring of support and a number of non profits, ready to on board with our venture. Changing lives and their future. There is no better mission. 

Someone once asked me if I could do anything in the world that you wanted to do, what would that be. I replied. "I have already done everything I ever dreamed, so now it's time for a new dream." By combining my love for designing products, with my desire to help those in need, and add 30 years of experience manufacturing products, Products Of Purpose is born.
We started testing the model by going to the one of the most difficult situations possible and traveled to an orphanage in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Working with age appropriate youth, who are in need of learning vocational and work skills we have successfully set up a sustainable business model. By teaching them about the product development cycle, together we have created a product utilizing discarded trash, and turned it into packaged sea glass. The sales of this product will launch phase 2 and new products we will design from this base product.


Having the opportunity to help these orphans and seeing the pride and self confidence grow, is indescribable, but their faces tell it all. This mission is through Haven Of Hope International. For more information on this program go to Helping orphans create products with hope.


So the second half of this dream is to effect our local community. Within Southwest Florida there are so many who's life circumstances have created difficulties in obtaining the job training and employment opportunities that they need.  We can be a part of the solution with Products Of Purpose. By joining together with local non profit organizations we are bridging the gap. The opportunities to make a difference to veterans, abused women, and those with special circumstances will effect so many nonprofits in our community. Many of these groups provide a litany of  phycological, medical and educational assistance,  but need a transitional program that will prepare their clients to enter the work force while training, in a safe and nurturing environment. For many years I have worked with P.A.C.E, and the at risk girls that are a part of their program, creating fundraising products. Our hope is to provide internships or field trips to these young women to give them a view of Products of Purpose in action.


These are the people we serve, and part of the mission of Products of Purpose. But that isn’t where my passions stop. I have a relentless desire to make a difference in our environment, by producing products which incorporate up-cycled and recycled materials. By taking that which is discarded and turning it into beautiful products, we emulate what God does with as he takes us in any condition and turns us into something beautiful. It’s time to offer products to the world which have a bigger purpose. By purchasing Products of Purpose our customers are making a difference by:

  1. Providing  work to those who need it most
  2. Changing the way products are produced, bringing it home the the U.S.A.
  3. Choosing to buy ecco friendly products that can change the way we care for our planet.
The exciting part are the products themselves. With over 30 years producing products for mass market retailers, I understand the need to offer products that are trend and color driven and that keep our customers coming back for more. Our product development cycle incorporates use of a manual I have written for creating sustainable new businesses. This system keeps our cycle on track and guarantees a successful venture, and will allow us to duplicate this model in other parts of the world. Currently we are working with Starability of Naples with this model to help launch a program which will enable their clients to design and manufacture their own branded product line. 
So here's a sneak peek at the Products of Purpose. See if you can identify: Egg carton jewelry, aluminum can jewelry, plastic bottle art, pvc clocks. It's amazing what you can create out of ordinary things that we discard.

Recently I patented a medical device called TheraPouf and the proceeds from this product will help to fund Products Of Purpose. TheraPouf will serve as a vehicle to provide the financing needed to launch the dream. The beautiful thing about a great dream is that when your on target, things just begin to happen. We haven't opened the doors and already have orders for product, which we're producing in garages, living rooms and any other available spaces. We will launch before 1/19 and will be located near downtown Fort Myers.

You can help spread the word by joining our email list, liking and sharing the story, or contact us and preorder Products Of Purpose.


Judy Cutler-Teeven


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