I have had the wonderful opportunity to do what I love and love what I do. A description of who I am is not complicated. It all boils down to the one word that drives me. Creativity!

I believe that everyone has creative potential, but for some it goes undiscovered. After working for years with at-risk teenage girls, I realized that it exists in all of us. For some it is locked away, deep inside, and overcoming fear of failure is the key. My dream is to help you unlock your creativity.

Part of the experience is finding new products and methods that can be used, way beyond what they were intended for. Great DIY starts with great products. I design new product lines that you can see in most craft stores. I’m passionate about giving the craft industry a whole new look.

When you visit my blog it  features DIY projects that help unleash your hidden talent. Explore with me and turn imagination into art and your space into a gallery.